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Name Wind chill originates from a very popular term known as "Wind Chill Factor". Wind Chill is the air temperature that is felt by a person on exposed skin due to wind velocity. The wind chill temperature is always felt as lower temperature which has actual temperature higher then actual temperature as it is felt due high wind speed.
Hence the importance of wind chill factor can never be overlooked while designing any system for human comfort.At Wind Chill we provide expert solution on HVAC with specific focus on ventilation & evaporative cooling techniques. The modular electronic evaporative coolers range offered by us are an efficient and economic solution to the cooling for commercial and industrial sectors. We are also solution provider of hybrid energy efficient dual stage evaporative cooling system comprising of indirect & direct evaporative cooling to deliver temperatures well below wet bulb temperatures & hence creating an ambience equivalent to air conditioning with very low power consumptions.
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Evaporative coolers are energy-efficient and environment-friendly.
The high end products rages available having microprocessor based controls is also very apt for large residential requirements.
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